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Ross Roberts

Brymbo Legends Interviews


I started playing at around 6 in the garden with my big brother and my mum (my Dad was far too accomplished a bowler to be allowed to play).
Then played for Brymbo youth team, going on to make my debut for the 2nds and served a great apprenticeship under the supervision of the likes of Colin Williams, Edgar Beynon, Brian Humphries etc!
Progressing to the 1st team at around the age of 16 or so. I also played briefly played for Gwersyllt and 3 seasons in the Manchester league with Newton Heath where big bro was the pro! And Llanelli where I met a pro! (Only joking....)

Best player ever played with and against:
With: The entire 1st team players of Brymbo in the 80's when we won the Welsh Cup three times.
Against: Steve Wundke ...what a player could bowl quick or spin at a top-level and hit a 100 batting for fun! But very gracious in defeat as was quite often against that Brymbo side!

Best Captain:
Alan Jones without any doubt. He had the ability to work out Batman’s strengths and weaknesses in the space of an over! AMAZING!
On the negative side.......he would have me fielding 3rd man to fine leg if he spotted my lovely cold beer on the boundary rope!

Seam Bowler:
With: My Dad Dilwyn has to have a mention in this one, just ask Peter Barrett, who once told me “I know it’s coming...but I can do f**k all when it gets here!)" Nigel Owen who was once rapid but developed into a 1st class seamer.
Against: Nigel Morris (at Mold!!!!)Ha Ha and Arri Morris who’s pace was deceptive.

Swing Bowler:
With: My Dad was a magician in his later years, swinging the ball both ways. A certain Wayne Smith (when he decided to cut out bowling the wonder ball which inevitably went for 4) were both lovely to play with and kept the slip corden active!
Against: Richard Lewis at home (Abergele) sea air....or dodgy ball? Could really banana the thing!

Spin Bowler:
With: I Think Nige has already mentioned Iqbal Sekander......could turn milk! Oh and Squeak or so he used to tell me!
Against: John Bell (Marchwiel) was tricky when he got his “leggies“ right, and pushed it through a bit. Can’t really remember anyone else as too many good batters would hog the batting!
Yes you....Nige, Mark, Stewart, Tim, Tudor!

Quick Bowler:
With: Dave Williams was probably the quickest and most consistent. Shaun Roberts on his day was rapid. Ben Hilliard was rapid and Ben Roberts would certainly make you dance!
Against: Probably Curtly Ambrose
Collis King and Franklyn Stephenson were not exactly SLOW!

With: Without a doubt Nige Roberts and Mark (Tony Globe) Jones!
Both first class, elegant and sheer power when needed. Both gifted with the special gifts of determination and will power to construct a long innings, not to forget David Lloyd who was a youngster at the time!!
Against: Andy Puddle (Colwyn Bay) and John Ambrose (Northop Hall) the only 2 batters that could look comfortable facing any bowling attack.

Wicket Keeper:
With: Robbie Blackwell and Phil Lloyd were both outstanding, and would stand up to anyone.
Greg King is the other on my list.....Amazing!
Against: Brian Williams (Mold), unbelievable even on Mold's wicket, could bat a bit too.

The Big Hitter:
ME obviously .....Dave Blackwell

Mr Consistent:
This would have to be Big Bro......his achievements, averages and notoriety speaks for itself. I’m pretty sure he was the most feared batsman in N.Wales and probably the whole of Wales including Glamorgan.

Best Catcher:
Anthony Savage..... NOT!!!
Probably Russ Penrhyn or myself, back in the day!

Best Arm:
Another easy 1....ME closely followed by Tony Globe.

Top Fielder:
Roy Gibson in gully, Dave Jones (Marchwiel), my mum in the garden....Nige would have got his 100 hundreds if not for her!

Best No 11:
John Pugh.......(could bat higher) Enjoyed frustrating any bowling attack.

Biggest Joker:
Do I need to go there! Lee Harrison.

Toughest Opponent:
Difficult......Stuart Mason, a true professional. Dave Jones (Marchwiel) always played it hard....even sometimes without cheating!

My Dad and brother. Without their inspiration and encouragement I don’t think I would have bothered.

Proudest Cricketing Achievement:
I once hit 3 centuries in a week and playing for Denbighshire with my Dad and brother.......guess who opened the bowling!!!

Best Innings (most memorable):
Playing for Newton Heath when batting 4. Nige was on 70ish when I arrived at the wicket with great apprehension, as there was the biggest West Indian paceman bowling 85 mph one end and a pie throwing buffoon the other.
End result.......I beat Nige to 100 and was applauded by the W Indian who said: “MAN.....I’ve never been hit that far before!” Nige eventually got his 100!!

Favourite Bowling Spell:

Highest Innings:
178 against a touring side at Brymbo.....would never have happened if Alan Jones wasn’t batting the other I do tend to get thirsty after hitting 20 or so!

Best Bowling Spell:
Denbighshire inter counties at Dolgellau 6 for 8 in 7 which won best bowling award!

Stand Out Memories:
Hitting fastest 100.....32 balls and fastest 50 in 13 balls.
Enjoying the company of some great team mates and opposition players over 50 years of playing cricket.
Obviously playing with my Dad and brother and also being able to play with C.J. (football apart!)

Any Regrets:
Not taking cricket more seriously when I was younger!
Falling asleep on the boundary when playing against Northop Hall whilst fielding after coming straight from the Rugby club dinner which was on the Friday evening. Thus provoking Albert Herbert Hawkins AKA Nige Roberts to wake me with his right boot!

Promising Youngster:
C.j. is naturally talented and could make an outstanding cricketer if he put his mind to it
I also have a lot of time for Ioan C-Jones who with a little hard work and self-belief could be a very decent all rounder.

Three most important qualities that make a cricketer stand out:
Drinking ability
Showering habits and a full toiletries bag!
Dedication enthusiasm and guts!

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