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John Shone

Brymbo Legends Interviews



I joined Brymbo as a 13-year-old in 1973 and played for the under 17 first and second teams up to 1996, when arthritic hips forced me to retire. I was also capped by Denbighshire and became a regular for them for years. 

Best player ever played with and against:

With: Nigel Roberts is an outstanding all round cricketer with fine stroke play and timing on his day with sheer power when struggling.

Against: Steve Wundke (Marchweil) is another all round cricketer, excellent bat and a very difficult to play left arm bowler.

Best Captain:

Alan Jones, a Brilliant tactician who could way up the opposition in a moment, set a plan and field to beat them. He also had the ability to remember individual opposition player’ strengths and weaknesses.

Seam Bowler:

With: Nigel Owen had great variation and consistency. He had the ability to talk opposition players into getting out.

Against: Arwel Morris (Marchweil) was surprisingly quick off the wicket with great line and length, despite having a short run. 

Swing Bowler:

With: Dilwyn Roberts had good control and consistency and was great competitor. He surprised most opponents with his quick off cutter.

Against: Difficult to remember on this one, so I would have to say John Edwards when he played for Ruthin prior to joining us at Brymbo. On his day, he could swing the ball massively both ways.

Spin Bowler:

With: Alan Jones, did not turn the ball a lot but used great flight and variation to deceive opponents and set a great field to pick up loads of wickets.

Against: Ian Rowlands (Northop Hall/Marchweil) was consistently on the spot and difficult to score runs off.

Quick Bowler:

With: Shaun Roberts was very quick and under the guidance of Alan Jones he became more consistent and reliable.

Against: Ian Carson (Marchweil) was very quick and quite nasty on the field due to his competitiveness, never one to give you an inch.


With: Nigel Roberts on his day, a fluent timer and stroke player. However, if having an off day he would use his sheer strength and power to still make 100’s.

Against: Andy Puddle (Colwyn Bay) always scored runs against Brymbo in games I played, very consistent and a great bloke.

Wicket Keeper:

With: Phil Lloyd was a brilliant all round keeper. He was particularly good at standing up to quick bowlers.

Against: Brian Williams (Mold) A great keeper and good friend.

The Big Hitter:

Both Nigel and Ross Roberts could hit it for miles on their day.

Mr Consistent:

Stewart Williams, very rarely failed with the bat and was a good slow bowler and excellent fielder as well.

Best Catcher:

Ross Roberts. I never remember him dropping a catch. He was particularly safe in big matches under pressure.

Best Arm:

Mark Jones could throw like a rocket flat and low and ran out many top batsman we played against.

Top Fielder:

Nigel Roberts in his heyday closely followed by Mark Jones.

Best No 11:

Brian Smith. He was a useful bat but due to team strength in depth and also being a bowler, he had to bat at 11 on occasions.

Biggest Joker:

Nigel Owen. He could even wind up the Queen and make her swear.

Toughest Opponent:

The whole Marchweil side of the 80’s and 90’s. We had many epic battles against them as we were the top teams for years regularly challenging. 


Growing up, Geoff Boycott was the best technical bat who I aspired to play like. Brymbo stalwarts like Titch Price, Glyn Hughes and Alan Jones inspired me to succeed with Brymbo.

Proudest Cricketing Achievement:

Winning many Trophies with Brymbo and playing in 7 Welsh Cup finals, which may not be achievable in the future.

Best Innings (most memorable):

105 not out against Bangor in a league game at Brymbo. They had scored 232 for 5 approx and I opened with Chris Lloyd. We put on over 200 for the first wicket. We passed them for 1 and due to the points system, Bangor despite scoring 232, went home with 0 points.

Favourite Bowling Spell:

Due to injuries, I got to bowl seam up at St Helens, Swansea in one of the Welsh Cup finals. I bowled 8 overs, taking 0 wickets for 45 runs, not brilliant figures but I enjoyed the experience.

Highest Innings:

135 not out I think in a tour match in Somerset. This wasn’t a bad achievement, as although the opposition were not brilliant... we had had a long session in the bar the night before.

Stand Out Memories:

Hitting the winning 4 with 3 balls to go in the 1992 Welsh Cup Final and all the many brilliant Somerset and Devon Tours. I also played against many famous cricketers who were professionals with our opponents or over here to develop as youngsters. These include Collis King, Franklyn Stephenson, Kerry O’Keefe Andy Flower, Graham Lloyd, Winston Benjamin and Curtly Ambrose.

Any Regrets:

No regrets but disappointment that due to arthritic hip problems I had to finish playing in 1996 at 36 years of age.

Promising Youngster:

Connor Davies. Still improving but he needs to keep concentrating when building an innings, turn 40’s into 90’s & 100’s.

Three most important qualities that make a cricketer stand out:

Ability, a willingness to listen to advice and remaining humble when successful as cricket is a great leveller and success does not last for ever.

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