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Dafydd Rhys

Brymbo Legends Interviews


Played for Mochdre, Brymbo and Colwyn Bay –therefore very lucky to play at three great grounds, on very good wickets with some amazing cricketers and lovely people. Most of the players I mention I’ve been lucky to play with and against!

Best player ever played with and against:
With: Nigel Roberts – skilful bowler and very imposing batsman. He always seemed calm and in control when batting and bowling. Luckily I got the chance to play against him but also to bat with him and keep to him! Much preferred the second options!
Against: Andy Flower. When we played Bangor he stroked it around the field for a few two’s, hardly hit a four and when I looked at the scoreboard, he was on 48. Made batting look so easy. At the time, I think he was number 1 in the world rankings so I guess it was!

Best Captain:
Paul Jenkins - Colwyn Bay – enjoyed two years keeping and batting at Colwyn Bay under his captaincy as I was getting older. Great cricketer, character and communicator.

Seam Bowler:
With: Gareth Davies – Mochdre – wonderful all round cricketer and a great competitor. Very consistent outside off stump, moving the ball away. Loved standing up to him.

Against: Glyn Gibbons – Colwyn Bay – would seam it both ways and I’d often be out stumped ‘falling over’. Great bloke too.

Swing Bowler:
With: Sami Fallah – Colwyn Bay – he could swing the ball quickly, late and a long way. At his best, he was devastating and good players couldn’t lay a bat on him.
Against: Anyone who would swing the ball into me – as I always had a huge gap between bat and pad!

Spin Bowler:
With: Paul Jenkins – Colwyn Bay. Great competitor – always at the batsman.
Against: Nigel Roberts – so much control and variation.

Quick Bowler:
With: Dave Robertson – Mochdre. As a youngster at Mochdre, Dave could steam in and bowl quickly when he wanted. I remember some bouncers against David Lloyd at Prestatyn and Tony Spencer against Colwyn Bay – “Hit that one then!”
Against: I remember a particularly quick spell by a young Patrick Leach for Colwyn Bay when I was playing at Mochdre. Bowling down wind on a hard pitch, the keeper and slips moved back about 15 yards after the first ball. I also remember facing David Williams from Gresford as a 16 year old without a helmet – it was a long wait as he came off his long run!

With: Sion Morris – Colwyn Bay. Great shot selection and have seen him score big runs when no one else seemed to get bat on ball.
With / Against: Nigel Roberts – I remember fielding at point the first time I played for Mochdre v Brymbo. The ball just used to flash by to the boundary before I moved. Absolutely loved it when I got the chance to bat with him at Brymbo.
I also have to mention Andy Puddle – who I was also lucky to play with and against. He had lots of time and could put the ball where he wanted and ‘place’ the field where he wanted it.

Wicket Keeper:
With: Phil Lloyd – Although I played more against Phil than with him as a keeper, he was great behind the stumps. Always a witty comment in a friendly manner – was lucky to play with and against him. Learnt a lot about cricket from him.
Against: Brian Williams – Mold. When he was standing up you could sense his large hands waiting to pounce for a catch or stumping.

The Big Hitter:
I’m going to go for David Blackwell – from a young age, he could hit a big ball. Although a very strong lad, he timed it beautifully.

Mr Consistent:
Stewart Williams – great batsman, always gave a 100%, hated getting out. Loved opening the batting with him at Brymbo. Always talking to me, telling me not to give my wicket away.

Best Catcher:
Tim Evans – Mochdre. Tim was a really good cricketer and never seemed to drop anything at gully.

Best Arm:
Mark Jones – a very talented player with a flat, quick arm.

Top Fielder:
Gareth Davies – Mochdre. So athletic in the field, always gave 100% and had a good arm and a safe pair of hands.

Best No 11:
Ryan Holtby used to bat a lot at number 11 for Colwyn Bay – but was and is still a really good batsman.

Biggest Joker:
Ross Roberts – just great to share a changing room with him.

Toughest Opponent:
I think it would have to be Alan Jones – he was a clever intimidating captain in a quiet way. As a batsman, he could get into my head – sometimes by not doing much – just a change of field or a look. Had the pleasure of many chats with him when I came to Brymbo and had a great insight into his thoughts and cricket in general.

Initially it would have to be Peter Williams from Mochdre – got me playing Saturday cricket from the age 14. Absolutely nuts about the game – did a lot for Mochdre CC. Without him, I wouldn’t have enjoyed so many years playing cricket.
On moving to Brymbo, the likes of Nige, Stewart and Phil made me into a better, more confident player and then at Colwyn Bay, Sion Morris, Paul Jenkins and Andy Puddle were great role models to try and emulate.

Proudest Cricketing Achievement:
1. When we first started playing for Mochdre in the Allied Dunbar League – playing against some really good players in North Wales.
2. Winning the Welsh Intermediate Cup with Brymbo.
3. Taking 6 catches for Colwyn Bay in a league game – including a diving left handed one when I was far too old to move let alone dive!

Best Innings (most memorable):
I would say the 60 odd I scored at Newtown in the Welsh Intermediate Final on a slow wicket. I’d batted all season with Stewart and Nigel and they weren’t playing. I remember walking out thinking I have to score runs and luckily I did.

Favourite Bowling Spell:
Ooooh…. so many to choose from! Took 2 wickets in an over v Mochdre – although they had scored over 300 by then!

Highest Innings:
189 not out v Mold in the Welsh Cup. I’d scored a 140 not out v Llay the day before. That weekend was a one off – couldn’t really believe it to be honest.

Stand Out Memories:
• Coming home after away games for Mochdre – pre-A55 days. Used to love stopping off at the Pwll Gwyn, Singing Kettle, Red Lion to name a few.
• Playing for Mochdre, Brymbo and Colwyn Bay – three great clubs.
• Going on tour with both Mochdre and the Squirrels.

Any Regrets:
Not practising enough! And not having a half decent arm – ever!
Leaving Mochdre (but great to join Brymbo!), leaving Brymbo (but great to join Colwyn Bay!) and then just getting old and retiring from a game I loved playing!

Promising Youngster:
I’m going to answer this retrospectively because I have to mention David Lloyd. I had the pleasure of being captain at Brymbo when the likes of Lloydy, David Blackwell and Joss came into the team. At fourteen, David was very talented batsman, fantastic in the field and a more than useful bowler. A lot of opposition players used to try and get under his skin but David would just try and score runs. One innings versus Bethesda comes to mind when he scored over a 150. The field went very quiet very quickly, it’s great to see him captain at Glamorgan.

Three most important qualities that make a cricketer stand out:
Talent, Confidence and Determination.

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