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Alan Jones

Brymbo Legends Interviews


I used to watch the game on the old ground before I started playing, my Taid used to play for Brymbo, I don’t actually remember him playing. It was definitely my Taid and watching the game that first got me interested. I would say I first started playing cricket for Brymbo & Denbighshire at the age of 16, back in 1959. Alongside the likes of, Dilwyn Roberts, Percy Rogers, Cliff Jones & Roy Sankey. I went on to play for Brymbo until I was 61 and probably 60 for Denbighshire. I thrived from testing my ability to think about the game, to know which way things were going to go depending on whom we were playing on the day.

Best player ever played with and against:
With: Undoubtedly, Nigel Roberts. Nige was an excellent all-rounder, he was a safe fielder, and an extremely powerful batsman, and he had the ability to take a team apart.
Against: R.H Moor (Dick) Colwyn Bay Dick was an ex-county player, he played for Hampshire, I learnt a great deal from him, placement of fielders (Positions) and in general what to look out for in the opposition.

Best Captain:
With: Titch Price, his knowledge of the game was nobody’s business.
Against : R.H Moor, Colwyn Bay

Seam Bowler:
With: Dilwyn Roberts. Dilwyn was very accurate and had a good steady pace, he always bowled at the wicket “You miss, I hit” that was his motto!!
Against: John Newcomb. John was very similar to Dilwyn really; I played with & against John.

Swing Bowler:
With: Nigel Roberts. Very accurate, Nige could always deliver a very quick ball with only a couple of paces.
Against: Eddie Millington, Northop Hall. Very experienced and a good left arm.

Quick Bowler:
With: Nigel Owen. Always accurate and quick, he also had a bit of a nasty streak did Nige!!
Against:Tony Jones, Bangor. Good left arm quick.

With: Has to be my son Mark Jones. Mark could have gone so far in the game. He was a pleasure to watch at the wicket (Classic Batman)
Against: David Jones, Marchwiel.

Wicket Keeper:
With: Phil Lloyd & Chris Edwards

The Big Hitter:
Ross Roberts, Ross was an aggressive hitter and he could hit the ball a bloody long way!! He was just great.

Mr Consistent:
Too many

Best Catcher:
Ross Roberts & Stewart Williams. Cliff Lloyd also because he was good for his size, very safe.

Best Arm:
Ross Mark & Stewart, excellent and accurate.

Top Fielder:
Too many

Best No 11:
Nigel Owen

Biggest Joker:
Need I even say his name? ROSS ROBERTS what that lad got up to!!! Nigel Owen was a lad too!!

Toughest Opponent:
There are many tough opponents; many of the South Wales teams we played against in the Welsh Cup games were bloody tough! On a personal level, I would say Roy Davies from Marchwiel, he was a good batsman.

Proudest Cricketing Achievement:
Winning the Welsh Cup. Loved to see the young lads (Then) coming on and doing well.
When I say young, the likes of Mark, Ross, Nigel, Nick…. the list is endless.

Favourite Bowling Spell:
I got 9 wickets for Denbighshire against Anglesey at Anglesey

Highest Innings:

Stand Out Memories:
Has to be winning the Welsh Cup, playing at the St Helens ground was an honour. We had the best teams. Having the support of all our families and the support of the clubs supporters.

Any Regrets:
Giving up the game too early. I should have carried on longer

Three most important qualities that make a cricketer stand out:
1) Be a good all-rounder.
2) Keep interest in the Game.
3) Competitiveness, Mental Strength.

Captain wise, I did not want the lads to lose interest during the game, it is a long day out there. I used to be tough/ hard on the team, only because I wanted the best out of them on the day, and I knew they could all give me their best.

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